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How to Choose the Right Curtain Header for your Style


How to Choose the Right Curtain Header for your Style

Choosing the right curtain headers certainly depends on your personal decor and style preferences, but how do you know what to choose? Understanding the different curtain header styles can help you when it comes to deciding which curtains to choose for your home. Know the look and hanging abilities of different types to ensure you get the look you want.

Tie-Top Curtains

Tie-top curtains provide a more casual look than some of the other drapery options available. The result is relaxed and natural, perfect for making a space feel clean and comfortable. These curtains use ties that hang down gently over the rod. Using this curtain header type also allows more of the rod to be exposed, so it’s a great choice when using a decorative rod style. This style works well in many settings, including kitchens, dining rooms, family or living rooms and more.

French Pleats

Drapery with French pleats offer a more formal look. These are also known as triple pleats, and provide a full style that is elegant and sophisticated. This header style is ideal when you want a sleek or more classic appearance. These curtains are hung with drapery pins that attach to the back of the curtains about half an inch from the top in the center of each pleat. These are available in many colors, patterns, and fabrics, including blackout versions and luxe options made with silk.

Pole Pocket Curtains

Pole pocket curtains slide directly onto your curtain rod and are ideal for a variety of applications. With their pleasing gathers and casual look, they work well in virtually any room of the home. These are simple to hang, but you’ll need to ensure that the pole diameter matches the size of the pole pocket.

Pole Pocket With Back Tabs

Another versatile curtain header type is a pole pocket with back tabs. This style is similar to a hanging pole pocket, but it’s hung using cloth tabs located at the back of the pole pocket. These are not seen from the front. To hang, insert the pole into each of the tabs. Again, you’ll need to ensure the pole size is the correct diameter for the tabs. One of the advantages of this look is that it gives a slightly more tailored finish than using a pole pocket. The finished result is softly gathered and has a slight pleated effect.

Pole Pocket With Back Tabs and Hook Belt

A unique 3-in-1 option, curtains that have a pole pocket with back tabs and a hook belt give you the choice of hanging your window treatments with either of the above-mentioned pole pocket methods, as well an additional hook belt. In order to hang in this style, you’ll need drapery hooks. Place pins in the hook belt (be careful not to let the hooks protrude out of the front of the fabric) and then attach them to the drapery hooks. This header style has a more formal look and allows you to easily move the curtains back and forth. This is an extremely versatile option that comes in many fabrics, finishes, and colors.

Ruched Pole Pocket

Curtains with a ruched pole pocket are another unique window treatment option that really elevates the look of any room. These provide an extremely elegant and beautiful look with ruching at the top of the curtain and a flowing, sophisticated drape. These curtains are simple to hang using drapery hooks.

Grommet Curtains

Grommet-top curtains are one of the easiest curtain styles to hang. For the best look, use a pole or curtain rod that matches the finish of the grommets on the panels. The diameter of the rod needs to be sufficient for the grommets to slide into easily. Simply slide the grommets through the pole with each facing forward. The finished look is very modern and sleek, and is versatile enough to work in both formal and informal room styles.

Get the Right Look for You

There are many decisions to make when it comes to improving the look of your home, and updating with window treatments is an easy option that makes a big style impact. Consider the different curtain header options and choose a look that speaks to you. If you're looking for more help after purchasing the perfect curtains, check out our guide to curtain installation and care!


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