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Here Comes Summer: How to Frame Beautiful Views Outside Your Windows

As summer approaches, there may be a lot of changes you want to make to your home. At Half Price Drapes, we love the warming weather and take it as a great opportunity to make sure we’re making the most of views outside our windows. Here are a few tips to help you do the same.

Fully frame your windows

As you look for beautiful curtains to frame your windows, make sure that you get the right fullness. We recommend that you choose panels that are two to three times as wide as the actual window. This allows your curtains to hang beautiful and can help them look more professionally curated.

Hang your curtain rod higher than you think

Many people hang their curtain rod right above their window. This is not the generally accepted best way to hang your curtains – especially when you’re trying to accentuate a view. Instead, hang your curtain rod halfway between the top of the window frame and your ceiling or crown molding. Check out our curtain measuring guide for more information.

Affix your rod up to six inches on either side of your window

Do you want your windows to look even wider? If so, affix your curtain rod between three and six inches on either side of your window. This will help the windows look larger and wider. You can then push the curtains all the way to the side to reveal the entire view. Our installation guide offers more tips for you.

Tiebacks create a formal look

Do you have a formal room that you’d like to maximize the view in? Then consider tiebacks to give the window a more formal look. You can also add extras like ribbons, additional fabric, or tasseled rope. These extras can either be tied together or you can fix them in place with a bracket or hook.

Custom curtains may be the perfect option for you

As you consider all your options, remember that Half Price Drapes offers custom draperies. You can choose the fabric you want, the height, the width, and even the pleat style. While we strive to offer you a wide range of made-to-order options, custom curtains may be perfect if you’re finding it challenging to find exactly what you want. You can also order up to $10 worth of fabric swatches for free! Just pay a small shipping fee and you’ll have our fabrics in your home to make your final decision.


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