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Get Your Custom Curtains Before Christmas - Order By December 9th

A Fresh Look Without a Long-Term Commitment

A good way to start the New Year off is to devote some time to updating your living spaces with a fresh new look. But that does not mean you need to go ripping up carpeting, buying new furniture, or repainting your walls. Window treatments, such as drapes or curtains, can dramatically change the appearance of your room and help influence your mood.

Break Out from Neutral Tones

Sticking to neutral wall and flooring colors is a common theme in many homes that helps maintain the value of the home. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may have no choice but to stick neutral paint colors. Painting a room is labor intensive and can be costly, especially if you get tired of the color or need to repaint if you decided to sell or move. Swapping out your window treatments with a new set of drapes or custom curtains in a color or pattern of your choice is an easy way to break out from neutral whites, beiges, and grays. One of the best things about neutral palettes is that the choices for adding a fresh pop of color with custom curtains are endless. You can also carry through the pop of color with accessories such as throws, pillows, or area rugs… all without breaking your budget, making a huge time commitment, or altering your home.

Keeping More Money in Your Pocket

You can always swap out drapes and curtains throughout the year to suit the season or your mood. Finding discount curtains or clearance drapes from Half Price Drapes’ large online inventory makes this very affordable to do. Half Price Drapes gives you the ability to order up to 10 fabric swatches to help you choose a new color or patterned window treatment when ordering curtains online. Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to make a change and infuse some color into your neutral-colored living spaces. And new curtains or drapes are a great way to do this without making a long-term commitment to one specific color.


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