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How to Shop Sales Like a Pro

Multi-Patterned Curtain Swatches Making your home beautiful and functional is a priority, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Knowing the best ways to save on essential home decor like window treatments, bedding, and kitchen and dining items can help you make the most of your budget. Find out how to shop sales like a pro on all your home items.

Watch for Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Retailers may have random sales, but there are also generally sales at the beginning and end of each season. You can get excellent prices on sales at the beginning of a season, and the advantage of shopping early on is a larger selection. You can also get deep discounts on end-of-season items, but the selection may be slimmer. Holidays are another top time to look for sale prices — Memorial Day, Fourth of July, President’s Day, and others are good times to watch, along with the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Shop Outlet Sections

Take advantage of the outlet section when shopping for window treatments and home items. The products offered here may be overstock, but, in most cases, they are in the same excellent condition as the products in the regular retail section. You can rack up substantial savings — sometimes up to 70 percent — by opting for items from the outlet department.

Be Store Savvy

Not every big box or department store is going to be your best bet when you’re in the market for new curtains or home decor. Consider the places you're shopping at — are they focused on giving customers the best deals? Online retailers don’t have the overhead and additional costs of a physical store or showroom, so you may get drastically lower prices.

Don’t Shop Without a Coupon Code

When it comes time to check out, make sure you check the home page for coupon codes before you buy. This only takes a moment and can help you save more on your purchase. An even better way to ensure you are always getting the current coupon codes is to sign up for emails. Not only will you always be up to date on the latest products, but you’ll never miss a coupon code or deal either.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Many of your important home items like sheets, blackout curtains, cushion covers, table cloths, and others can be costly to ship because of their weight, and it can eat up your savings if you have to pay hefty shipping costs. Instead, take advantage of retailers that offer free shipping every day.

Get What You Love

It isn’t a bargain if you’re not in love with it. If you have a hard time buying curtains to fit a window, for example, you might never be happy with standard drapes. Instead, custom curtains can make your space look beautiful and give you the result you want. The chance to choose the colors and fabric styles that meet your needs and design preferences is priceless, so don’t settle for something you don’t love. Take advantage of things like free fabric swatches as well to make sure you’ll be happy with your purchase.


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