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Are the Hottest Trends in Clothing Coming to the Interior Design Side?

One interesting phenomenon we’ve been keeping our eye on over here at Half Price Drapes is the idea that what’s popular in clothing is becoming popular in interior design as well. To see if this adds up, let’s look at some of the biggest trends in clothing and imagine how they could be redefined as interior décor.

Striped t-shirts are making their way into curtains

In case you haven’t heard, those in the design industry swear that the plain white t-shirt is being replaced by a blue and white striped shirt. This is now known to some as the basic classic that everyone needs. We can see this going well with our Cabana Navy Cotton Curtain. It has big bold stripes and brings a nautical feeling to mind – just like these shirts do.

Crochet is making its way from clothing to the bedroom

Many hand-made crafting hobbies are coming back into style, including crocheting. While crochet enthusiasts of yesteryear may have focused on hats and scarves, those who are taking part today are making everything from placemats to rugs. You should expect to still see the hats and scarves you’re used to, but there will be more unique placement of these crafts too.

Deep velvets are great for couches and for curtains

There’s been a return to romance-inspired clothing and décor and so it stands to reason that velvet would find its way into this equation. We’ve seen some incredible velvet couches and of course we offer some stunning velvet curtains. When it comes to mixing glamor and classic beauty, there’s nothing better than velvet.

Sheepskin is a top choice for those who can afford it

Sheepskin and all its shaggy glory has become more popular in clothing and in home décor. You’ll see it lining coats and you’ll see it made into throw rugs but one thing you should be prepared to see as well is a huge price tag – this is not one of the more affordable trends.

Let nature run the show

We’re seeing tons of natural shades and shapes in clothing and we’re happy to see it in décor items too. At Half Price Drapes, you can take on this trend with our classic cotton or linen curtains. Create a breezy room in which the sun can shine in while you’re still filtering for privacy. With the right draperies, anything is possible.


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