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Budget Decorating Tips for Kids’ Rooms

Budget Decorating Tips for Kids’ Rooms

Your child’s room can be fabulous as well as functional without breaking the bank. Using simple strategies and creative ideas can help you create a space that you and your child love at a home decor price tag you can afford and feel good about.

Easy Budget Organizing for Kids’ Rooms

One of the biggest challenges in home decor is decorating children’s rooms on a budget. A big part of that is creating spaces to contain their belongings in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. You don’t have to turn to expensive storage systems to do so, however. Upcycling items you already have or using affordable items from dollar and department stores can go a long way in creating stylish decor for kids on a budget.
  • Cube storage: Cube storage using wire or wood shelving, is a great budget solution for kids’ rooms. Just place their toys and other items in cloth bins and onto the storage shelves for cleverly concealed storage.
  • Shoebox storage: Cover cardboard shoeboxes with kid-friendly contact paper or fabric such as felt, fleece, or canvas and use them to store miscellaneous toys and treasures.
  • Get creative with household containers: For small items like beads, Legos, doll shoes, and more, reuse household containers. Spray paint them in a color that matches your child’s room, or allow your children to decorate the containers themselves with construction, paint, and stickers.
  • Dollar store bin decor: Choose inexpensive plastic bins in several colors and use them to coordinate kids’ toys. For little tykes who aren’t quite at the reading stage yet, place fun pictures of the items on each bin so kids can easily put their things where they belong.
  • Hanging storage: Use damage-free hanging hooks to maximize space in kids' rooms for items like hats, jackets, book bags, and more. You can even use hooks to decorate and organize items like stuffed animals — just sew a small elastic loop on the back of the plush toy’s neck.
  • Rolling storage: If you’re limited on space, contain things like art and craft supplies in rolling storage drawers that can be put in the closet or hidden away and pulled out when needed.

Get Creative With Kid-Friendly Wall Art

Decor for kids’ walls is easy with these budget tips:
  • Use inexpensive picture frames from department or thrift stores and frame kids’ paintings and pictures to decorate the wall.
  • Purchase simple canvas frames and write inspiring, kid-friendly words and phrases on them to hang on walls.
  • Get oversized letters for your child’s initials from the craft store, paint them, and hang them on the wall.
  • Paint one wall with chalkboard paint, and let your child get creative with colored chalk.
  • Use simple adhesive borders or wall decals to add stylish room decor for kids.
  • Use shadow boxes on kids’ walls to display awards, mementos, or favorite figurines for personalized decor.

Choose Colorful, Child-Friendly Curtains

Curtains can instantly brighten up and beautify a room, and kids’ rooms are no exception. Kids’ drapes or curtains add a lot of style without a lot of extra costs. The style of curtains will depend on your child’s style preferences, personality, and age. Younger children might prefer bright or primary colors, while older kids might prefer more neutral shades. Whimsical patterns and playful prints are also excellent for kids’ curtains. You may want to consider blackout curtain styles for kids' rooms to help reduce noise and light so your little one can have the best night’s sleep (or nap time). Spot clean any stains right away to maximize the longevity of the curtains and keep your budget in check.

Add Affordable Accent Pieces for Children’s Rooms

Another simple and affordable way to add a big splash to children’s rooms besides drapes without spending a lot of extra cash is through accent pieces. Decor for kids’ rooms like patterned sheets, cute throw blankets, accent pillows in fun colors, and kid-friendly rugs can go a long way in transforming a child’s room. When possible, look for ways to add style with functional items like decorative lamps, cute switch plates, and fun hampers.

Inexpensive Kids’ Furniture Hacks

Kids can be rough on furniture, so it makes sense to save on items like nightstands, small tables, chairs, or reading nooks. Look for gently used pieces from secondhand stores and dress them up with chalk paint and some light distressing for a chic but kid-friendly look. Look for clearance deals on room decor for kids at office supply outlets, book stores, or school supply stores for small shelves or storage cabinets. Use double-duty items, such as ottomans with hidden storage or kid-sized benches with storage space underneath to maximize your decorating and organization budget.

Creative and Money-Saving Solutions for Kids’ Rooms

Getting your child’s room beautifully decorated and organized on a budget isn’t difficult when you think outside the box. Use your creativity and opt for big-impact decor to create the perfect stress-free, kid-friendly space you’ll both love.


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