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Kid’s Room Creation: 5 Ways to Ensure You Design a Room Your Kid Can Grow Into

You do want your kid to have a room they love but you don’t want to have to completely remodel a year from now because their tastes have changed. Half Price Drapes is happy to provide five tips to help you create a room they’ll love today and can grow into tomorrow.

1. Choose big pieces that are timeless

The biggest purchases in a room should be those that are timeless. For example, pick out a bed and end tables that they’re as likely to love as a teenager as they do as an eight-year-old. Even if your kids want to design their room with a particular theme, you can achieve that with bedding instead of the bed, or with window treatments instead of wallpaper.

2. Make your base colors neutral

Whatever colors your child chooses, use them as accent colors instead of base colors. For example, you can paint the walls a nice soft gray or soft green, then add cushion covers or accessories in the bright, bold colors they love. When they get over their favorite color, just swap out the cushion covers and accessories and you’ll have an affordable makeover.

3. Play dress up with the windows

There may be no better way to complement a theme your child uses than by using the windows. Start off with a shade or curtains that meets functional needs, like privacy and light filtering. Then add details that get your kid excited. This might be valance, it could be tissue paper flowers, or it could be fun tassels and tie backs.

4. Choose adaptable accessories

You do want accessories that are appropriate for your child’s age, but you can do this without choosing accessories that can’t be adapted to an older child. How? By avoiding trendy accessories. Choose items that are durable, and functional and they can grow as your child grows.

5. Choose pieces that will be functional for years to come

Your child will always need storage but they’re likely to need different types of storage as time goes on. For example, instead of buying a four-year-old a toy box, why not buy a small bookcase you can mount to the wall? They can get to what they need, but as they grow up they can continue to use it to display their toys, their books, and much more.


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