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Natural Beauty

There’s something so comforting and elegant about natural fibers. Something your sense of style and well-being just knows without being told. An all-cotton robe after a bath. A gorgeous silk scarf flashing color and lightly touching your neck. And the breezy feel of a linen blouse or pants, announcing summer in the most elegant, timeless way. No wonder natural fibers stand as classic essentials in any wardrobe. So why not in your décor, too?

One reason natural fibers are go-to fabrics is the effortless and graceful way they drape. Yes, drape…and curtain. Sure linen, cotton and silk hang nicely on your body, but given the few extra feet required for window coverings, these fabrics can really show off.

Livin’ in Linen

There is no better inspiration for interior design than a place where we forget all our worries. Imagine every room you’ve ever seen in movies that feature a luscious, high-end, tropical resort. Those big windows opening to a gorgeous view were likely framed by gossamer linen curtains. Even if your view doesn’t include the ocean or rolling green hills, a linen curtain can help you claim it as your own oasis. And here’s a secret: the texture and look of traditional linen can be mimicked with other fibers for better durability, flexibility and affordability. A faux linen sheer gets you that fantasy-vacation-feel without the rumple and care of thin traditional linen. While the linen-look is usually associated with light, subtle coverage, cross weave blackout curtains block light and conserve energy so you can have the best of both worlds—luxury and practicality.

Classy in Cotton

Textured cotton curtains offer a similar visual interest to linen with a smoother drape and a more casual feel. But if charming texture irregularities are not your thing, classic cotton curtains come in a variety of prints, light control and privacy levels, allowing you many options for the role window coverings play in your room. It’s no wonder the softness and natural feel of cotton make it a favorite choice for so many of the things that bring us comfort and joy.

Stunning in Silk

But, natural doesn’t always mean laid-back. Silk makes a statement in rooms where elegance reigns. The timeless style of silk means Dupioni silk curtains accent traditional opulence as well as modern simplicity. The texture and sheen of silk give visual interest to large swaths of fabric, creating a look that shimmers during the day and decadently simmers at night. And if that’s not enough, stripes up the bold factor yet again.


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