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Not Sure Which Curtains Are Right for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

If you’ve been shopping for draperies and aren’t sure what is right for your home, then we have some help for you. At Half Price Drapes, you have hundreds of options and can even order custom draperies if you can’t find the exact drapery you’re looking for. We also offer free fabric swatches so you can compare your options in the comfort of your own home. To decide where to start and what you’re most likely to love once it’s installed in your home, ask yourself the following questions and pay attention to the answers.

What mood do you want to feel in your home?

When you close your eyes and picture the perfect room, how do you feel? Does it make you feel relaxed? Or are you motivated and invigorated? Knowing the kind of feeling you want can help you rule out some options and narrow down your choices.

What is your style?

What styles do you love? Don’t think only of the styles that are already in your home. Don’t limit yourself to styles you feel comfortable with. Think of all the styles you like and then ask yourself how you can bring them into your home. For example, if you really like patterns but have kept your décor in more of a minimal style because you don’t want your home to look too busy, then you may find that adding a splash of patterned – i.e. through patterned drapes – is the perfect compromise.

How do you need your window coverings to function?

While you do want to think carefully about what you like to look at, you must also think carefully about how you need your window coverings to function. First, consider how much light you want them to let in. If you want maximum light then our sheer panels might be a great choice, while our blackout curtains can prevent light from getting in at all. Next, ask yourself how much privacy you want. Don’t assume that just because you want a lot of privacy means you can’t let in a lot of light. There are all sorts of compromises, such as installing sheer curtains under velvet curtains. You can then pull the velvet curtains closed when you want privacy and leave them open when you want plenty of light to come streaming into your home.


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