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Office Decorating Guide

Office Decorating Guide

Are you working from home like so many Americans as a result of the pandemic? Now that you’ve come to terms with the new normal of remote work, you may be looking to spruce up your office space. The right curtains and drapes can make all the difference to set the mood in your home office. Take a look at our must-haves to decorate your office for prime productivity.

The Perfect Desk and a High-End Office Chair

Measure your space to determine the best size desk for your room. Can your home office accommodate an L-shaped desk to leave room for your computer, multiple monitors, and your printer — with room left over for creative activities like sketching or brainstorming on paper? Outfit your home office with a comfy, adjustable desk chair to make the workday fly by. Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years, as have treadmill and bike desks for those who wish to stay active during the workday. You may not always wish to be standing, pedaling, or walking, however. Consider investing in a regular chair, as well, for times when you’re on a video call or just need a break.

Let in the Light

Working from home means no more headache-inducing, overhead fluorescent office lighting. As you decorate your home office, you have the opportunity to add lighting that will invigorate and inspire you. Natural light works best in most situations. If you have access to windows in your office, maximize sunlight exposure with the right curtains or drapes. Custom sheer linen curtains let in lots of natural light while minimizing the sun’s glare and setting just the right style in your home office. Voile and organza sheers can add a feminine touch to an office space. You might select printed or embroidered sheer curtains for a splash of style if your office is filled with solid-colored upholstery.

No Natural Light? Choose the Right Bulbs

If you don’t have access to plentiful natural light, choose LED lights with an adjustable color temperature. Blue light with a color temperature of 5000K or higher can help increase alertness and improve your mood. You can adjust the color temperature down as the day goes on to make it easier to unwind when the workday ends.

Prep Your Office for After-Hours Work

If you frequently work at night, you may want the flexibility to block your office from prying outside eyes. Or maybe you just want to block out street-side distractions. Roman shades come in blackout styles or a variety of materials to let in some light. Choose from:
  • Hand-woven cotton
  • Printed cotton
  • Thai silk
  • French linen
  • Heavy textured linen … and more.
Combine shades with curtains for the maximum flexibility in your home office.

Stage Your Space for Video Calls

Working remotely often means lots of Zoom calls and video conferences. To appear your best on camera, you’ll want to stage the space. Position your laptop camera at an angle above you and sit a few feet away from the camera if possible. It’s best to have your face illuminated from the top, front, or side. Sunlight or lamps behind you can create shadows and unflattering effects on camera, along with halo effects that can be distracting to viewers on the other side. If you have a window behind you, use a solid blackout curtain in a bright, enticing color to block light and offer an unobtrusive yet professional backdrop. A royal blue or green curtain could even become part of your personal brand. Even if you don’t have a window behind you, blackout curtains or drapes can also create the perfect office backdrop for calls. Hide clutter or mask walls that need painting with fashionable, high-quality drapes in your home office. You can even choose a color that matches your company logo or personal brand.

Customize Your Office to Be Uniquely Yours

From artwork and wall décor to the books on your shelves, choose every item in your home office with care to reflect your personality, goals, and personal brand. Even the textures and fabrics you choose for your curtains or drapes reflect the type of professional you want to be. Decorate with high-quality, custom items that will stand the test of time to create an inspiring office setting you’ll love.


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