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Pops Of Pink

Think Pink!
No longer just for bubblegum and Barbie, shades from dusty rose to coral to clay are finding their way into contemporary design. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams both chose a shade of pink as their 2023 Color of the Year. Paired with browns, grays or the cream/white spectrum, pinks can lend subtle warmth or a cheery-yet-sophisticated pop of color to any room. And why settle for rose-colored glasses when you could bathe a whole room with blushed light coming through or reflecting off of pink curtains.

Be Bold
Sure, pink can be demure, sweet and delicate, but pink can be brave too! Mecca Pink Printed Cotton Custom Curtain is here for the maximalist crowd. Mix it with other patterns for a layered boho vibe, or transition your little girl’s room through her tween years by growing-up the curtains to swap funky for cutesy. If you’re looking for something more New York than California, Dark Pink Heritage Plush Velvet Curtains throw some WOW into a monochrome gray or white room. Pair them with a few matching accents to complete the look.

In the Mood
Who says only blues can be moody? Dark undertones take any color into the sophisticated zone. In a deep, smokey mauve hue, Wild Rose Heritage Plush Velvet Curtains need only a bottle of wine and some candlelight to set a room for romance, contemplation or indulgence. Plus, they complement traditional, heavy woodwork as well as contemporary black and white design.

Fade to…Pink
“Room darkening” doesn’t have to be dark and heavy. The Parallel Pink Printed Faux Linen Room Darkening Curtain uses linen-look texture and off-white-to-easy-pink ombre to lighten the feel of a room while offering some respite from the sun and ambient light. This design is also a great compromise for those torn between solids and all-over print.

Sleep Well, Wake Up Rosey
It’s not always easy to rise and shine, but a bit of pinky peach paired with thermal fabric lining may help. The Rosey Dawn Signature Velvet Blackout Curtain serves up luxury in the form of not only velvet, but sound-, light- and temperature-blocking qualities for a better night’s sleep. Designers love this shade with rich browns and neutrals.
Pink Customized
Pink can be so many things, and with customization, so can your curtains. Not only can you choose the pink you most fancy, you can choose the fabric, header, size and lining to perfectly dress your unique windows. Ballet Pink Plush Velvet and Cherry Blossom Pink Deluxe French Linen are just a couple of the pink selections that will have you blushing.


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