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Put Your Best Style Forward in Your Entryway

As you decorate the entrance to your home, remember that this is a unique spot. It’s not only the first place that visitors will see, it’s the first place you’ll see when you come home. It’s the literal gateway from your public life to your private home. It should be functional but it should immediately set the tone for your home as well.

You can be over the top when you decorate your entryway

One of the things that’s so fun about decorating the entryway is that you can just have fun with it. You can decorate with elements that bring you good luck, you can decorate with items that are meaningful to you, and you can let your own style take the lead.

Adding symbols of good luck

If you want to be embraced by classic signs of good luck as soon as you walk in the door, then consider the classic sign of good luck – the horseshoe. Just make sure that you hang it so that the open side is facing up. Or you can do what southerners do and add a pineapple, which is a symbol of both grace and hospitality. You might choose wallpaper, drapery finals, or even a door knocker with pineapples on it. If you want to add symbols of strength and stability, then consider adding an elephant, and make sure their drunks are upward facing, as this is also supposed to bring good luck.

Feng shui primer for entryways

If you’re interested in following feng shui principles inside your doors, then red may be the color you want to pick. It’s considered essentially a “fix-all” for any problem of energy within the home. This is why a lot of dining rooms, libraries, and yes, entryways, are painted red. You can also add white lights in stands, which are then added to plants or within glass containers. This adds light and sparkle – which is comforting when entering a home.

Add unique window coverings

If there’s a window in your entryway, whether it’s on your door, beside your door, above your door, or on another wall entirely, make sure you choose some of your favorite window treatments for this space. In other rooms, you have to match your curtains to so many other things in the room, from furniture to flooring to accessories. That’s not the case in an entryway, which typically allows you to truly show your personality via the colors and fabrics you choose.


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