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Ready to Redecorate? Consider These Tips for Specific Needs

There are plenty of general decorating tips out there but at Half Price Drapes, we often hear from our clients that they can’t find answers to their specific decorating needs. We’ve compiled a few unique decorating tips for some very specific issues. Read on to learn more and then check out our huge selection of draperies that are sure to meet every need.

Giving new construction a bit of history

There are a lot of advantages to moving into a brand-new home, but often homeowners miss the history that an older home would have. The best tip here is to mix in pieces that have history of their own. For example, using traditional furniture, or an old-fashioned coffee table, can help make a brand-new room feel as though it has more history.

Using vintage pieces in contemporary décor

Clients often wonder how they can pair their favorite vintage pieces that aren’t in great shape with their newer pieces. The simple way is to paint the vintage furniture. We recommend going with a vivid hue that will both freshen up the furniture and give it a more contemporary flair.

Decorating large outdoor areas

We should all be so lucky to have this issue: An outdoor area that’s so large it’s intimidating to decorate. The best solution for this is to try and reduce the transition from the exterior to the interior. For example, choose light, linen curtains that offer some insight into the great outdoors while maintaining a unique look that works perfectly outside too.

Solutions for too-large or too-small windows

It may seem that having a huge window that takes up the entire wall, and having a tiny window that hardly lets any light in, would offer opposite issues. The truth is that the problem is the same: How to handle unusually shaped and sized windows. Half Price Drapes offers custom curtains to ensure that any size window will get the right sized curtains. Do you have unique decorating needs? If you’re struggling with the answer to how to decorate your home in a way that feels put-together yet still showcases your unique personality, we recommend starting with a focal point piece that you love. It could be a painting, it could be a set of draperies, or it could be a piece of furniture. As you shop for other pieces to use in the room, keep that one focal point in mind and you can’t go wrong.


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