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Reluctant to Buy Curtains? Read the Top Reasons You Should Consider Them

Many people know that they’re “supposed” to buy curtains but they don’t know where to start. Whether they’re intimidated by all the options, or they don’t know how to choose a pattern, it can be a trying and tricky thing. The good news is that Half Price Drapes is here to make it easier. Here are our best pieces of advice for various reasons people may feel reluctant to invest in curtains.

Measuring your windows isn’t as hard as you may think

One of the main reasons people never get around to ordering curtains for their windows is that they aren’t sure how to measure. They may think that it’s very complicated and that it requires help from several friends. The truth is that we’ve provided you with a straightforward window measuring guide. There you’ll find definitions for all the terms you may come across as you shop, instructions on how to measure, and tips on how to choose the right length for the look you’re going for. What’s more, most windows are 36 inches wide. If you live in a newer home or condo, you can bet that the vast majority of windows in your home are within an inch or two of 36 inches. As a result, all you really need to do is measure the length and then buy two panels in that length. If you don’t want to do that, you can order any length you like and simply have your local dry cleaner hem them.

There are so many advantages to curtains

As you consider getting curtains, what are the top reasons you think it might be a good idea? You may say that you like having added privacy, or you wish you could protect your home from light. If you live in a busy area, you may also want curtains to help block out some of the noise. But did you know that curtains can make a huge difference in keeping your home warmer? As you look for curtains specifically to keep your home warmer, think of them like clothing. You can invest in sheer curtains and they’d offer the same level of protection that a sheer dress would. Or you can invest in velvet curtains and get significantly more insulation. If you have additional questions, please contact Half Price Drapes and let us help you find the right options.


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