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Affordable Home Decor: Repurposing Old Decor and Furniture

Affordable Home Decor: Repurposing Old Decor and Furniture

You can create incredible new home decor looks without spending a lot of extra money. Using items you already own or repurposing previously loved items from thrift stores can help you transform your decor. Create unique pops of color and textures that showcase your personal sense of style with these simple DIY ideas from curtains to end tables. solid blackout cotton curtains and repurposed coffee table

Relaxed-Chic Entertainment Center

If you have an old dresser that has seen better days, consider painting it to use as a DIY entertainment center. Use chalk paint, which has excellent coverage, even over dark woods, and distress it in some areas using sandpaper after the paint is dry. Finish with a coat of soft wax, and you have a chic piece that’s easy to care for (just wipe it down with warm water and all-purpose cleaner as needed). You can use a bright paint color to create a chic look, and the drawers can store things, like spare cords, game chargers, or remotes. The best part? Any nicks or scratches just add to the distressed look!

Use old picture frames for inspirational wall art.

You don’t have to have the budget for expensive artwork or even be an artist yourself to create gorgeous and inspiring DIY wall art. Paint, refinish, or distress old wooden picture frames, then print out inspirational sayings or quotes in colorful large fonts to place inside the frames for unique repurposed home decor. Hang them around the house to give each room a lively boost of color.

Dress up old chairs and sofas with drop-cloth slipcovers.

Have an upholstered chair or sofa that’s looking a little shabby? Before you throw it out, consider renewing it with some easy slipcovers. Drop cloths are a great option for DIY slipcovers because they go with everything and are very durable. This is an affordable option that makes an old chair or sofa look brand new, and the drop cloths have an easygoing charm that makes people instantly feel at home. You can also order chair covers to repurpose old furniture if you don’t have time to DIY.

Spray-paint metal shelves or cube storage for a modern look.

Old metal shelving or plain cube storage pieces don't have a lot of character on their own, but you can refresh them with a simple coat or two of paint. Clean the shelves or wire units, then spray-paint them in an eye-popping color and finish that creates a unique piece you can use for anything. The options are endless, from a shiny silver metallic to a matte black, to create an original look for your home decor.

Use old curtains to conceal open storage or separate rooms.

To keep areas looking neat, consider using old sets of curtains to conceal open storage. This can work for things like closets, laundry rooms, and areas for pets. If you have old blackout curtains and are looking to refresh them, consider using them to separate an area of a room for a new use, such as a game area or craft corner. Bonus: You can update bedrooms or living areas with new curtains!

Get creative with coffee tables.

Coffee tables and end tables are essential but fun pieces for living areas. Get creative with old furniture for one-of-a-kind tables you’ll love. For example, use the tops of old wooden bar stools to create cute mini end tables, or add new life to an old glass coffee table by creating shadow box decor under the glass top with old soda crates. Use unexpected items and textures to add intrigue, like covering the sides of a coffee table with cloth or carpet, or replacing a worn top with barn wood or log slices. You can even wallpaper an old coffee table in a great print that takes it from tired to a new focal point.

Style your entryways with repurposed items.

The entryway can get lost in the shuffle when you decorate your new home. It doesn’t often get the attention it deserves when it comes to furniture and decor. Create a gorgeous, functional entryway by repurposing old items to make it unique and welcoming. For example, an old headboard, a set of cabinet doors, or even an old door can be placed on the wall as a cool background for metal hooks for coats and jackets. Use an old desk or nightstand in the entryway to place keys or mail when you walk in the door. An old bookcase instantly becomes a stylish place to put shoes, bags, and accessories like hats or gloves.

Stylish, Affordable Solutions

Creative DIY hacks using old furniture and decor are great solutions for making your new home beautiful and welcoming. Let your imagination go wild for simple options that offer a fabulous dose of style!


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