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A Return to the Classics: 3 Reasons White May Be the Perfect Color for Your Curtains

It’s common for people who are shopping for window treatments to start off assuming they need curtains with bright colors, fancy designs, or bold stripes. At Half Price Drapes, we’re proud to offer these and many other options. However, we also want to make sure that our customers are also considering one of the most often overlooked classics: White curtains. Here are three reasons we think they’re worth a second look.

1. They’re classic and will work with anything

If you want to invest in truly high quality curtains, then you want to know they’re going to be around for years. But what happens if you decide to redecorate next year? What if you get a new couch that doesn’t fit in with your bright, bold curtains? White curtains help prevent this problem. They look fresh and clean in any type of décor and they will last for years to come. White is classic for a reason: It never goes out of style.

2. They add coziness without getting in the way

Nothing makes you feel fresher and cozier than some sweet, light, white curtains slowly flowing in the breeze. That said, they also don’t get in the way. Other curtains may be cozy but they can clash against the window. If you have a beautiful view, then you very well may want curtains that will simply blend in because you want the view to be the focal point.

3. White curtains give you a lot of options

When you choose white curtains, you have a ton of options. It’s true that some people believe that once they’ve chosen white curtains their job is done, but the reality is far from that. There are actually a lot of fabric options, from cotton to silk to sheer. You can also choose between different shades of white, including your classic cotton, off-white, cream, and many others. Finally, you’ll choose how your curtains will hang. You may want sleek, clean curtains that blend right in, or perhaps you want a more dramatic white curtain, like this layered ruffle sheer curtain. Some clients even choose shades in bright shades of white. The bottom line is that when you pick white, the sky is the limit! At Half Price Drapes, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of options. Shop with us today to learn more about how to create your dream home.


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