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Simple Decor Tips That Make a Big Impact

britght living room with green curtains

Simple Decor Tips That Make a Big Impact

Looking for simple decor tips that will help make a big impact on your home’s overall look and style? You don’t have to spend a lot of money or completely redecorate to make your home look fresh and beautiful. Check out these 16 ideas for easy ways to update or add to your decor. Go Big and Bold. Even if you don’t have a large home, sometimes a carefully chosen big and bold accessory is all it takes to make a new effect. An oversize vase, standing decor piece, table item, or wall art can make a tremendous 'pop'. Just make sure the room is free from too many small knickknacks or it will take away from the look. Use Your Wall Space. Sometimes a home’s wall space is overlooked, but it’s an ideal place to pack a decorating punch. Hang a piece of statement art, decorative mirror, unique shelf, or themed decor (think a large wooden anchor if you live near a beach) to transform a room. Get Creative With Your Decor Items. If you’ve ever fallen into the trap of using the same decorating colors over and over again, or the same types of accent items, it’s time to spice things up. Get creative with color ideas and patterns. When you’ve always gone with solids, choosing a patterned curtain will instantly make a room feel alive and new. Be Bright. Neutral colors often take center stage in a home, but using a bright color or pattern in curtains, rugs, throw pillows, and more can create a beautiful look that adds energy and interest to a room. Change Decor Seasonally. Another easy way to add impact is to not keep the same items in place all year-long. Tablecloths, centerpieces, curtains, throw rugs, and other items are all inexpensive and easy to change out seasonally without the hassle or expense of redecorating. Create Contrast. If your decor colors coordinate, consider adding a contrast color into the mix. You could either do this with a contrasting pattern (such as black and white) or choose a color that contrasts from the existing color scheme to keep it interesting. Showcase Special Items. If you have collector’s items gathering dust, create a new way to showcase them that also adds to your decor. Place items on a floating shelf, in an arrangement in a curio cabinet or on a mantle. Be selective as to how many items to display at once so the effect doesn’t become cluttered. Change of Lighting. Create the right feel by adding decorative lighting, statement lamps, or even dimmer switches to add ambiance. Bright decorative lighting is ideal for places like kitchens, while lamps or installed lighting with dimmers are great for dens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Choose Double Duty Decorative Furniture. Add accent pieces that are decorative but also conceal clutter. For example, ottomans with hidden storage, coffee tables with drawers, and buffet tables with cabinet doors are all multifunctional. Use Blackout Curtains. The light and temperature in a room can be much more controllable with a beautiful set of blackout curtains. Whether you choose a luxury velvet or a fun print, they can make a space feel more restful and relaxed. Use Small Items to Create a Large Focal Point. If you have a number of smaller decor items, consider repurposing them in a way that allows them to become a larger focal point. For example, hang a collection of small mirrors, paintings, or pictures together on the wall in a group. Create an arrangement of small vases, frames, candles, or other decor on trays and place in areas that need some style. Swap Drawer Pulls or Handles. Swapping out small items such as drawer pulls or cabinet handles may not seem like much, but you’d be surprised at just how much of an impact it makes. Brighten With New Bedding. Freshen up bedrooms with new sheets or comforters to make them feel brand new. This can make a space look and feel more tranquil or vibrant depending on the setting you’re going for. Change Colors to Create a Mood. Whether it’s completely repainting a room, painting an accent wall, or adding curtains or throw pillows in a different color, consider adding color to a room that aligns with the mood you want it to have. DIY Artwork. You don’t have to get expensive artwork to make an impact. Hang kids’ paintings, favorite quotes, or decorative calendar pages in pretty frames to accent the walls.


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