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Sound Issues in Homes and Simple Ways to Fix Them

Do you have issues with too much sound in your home? Do you live near a busy street and get woken up at night with cars honking or simply driving? This may seem like something you just have to learn to live with, but the truth is that there are some easy ways to help reduce sound levels in your home. Half Price Drapes is here to share them with you.

Windows are the number one transmitters of external noise

There’s no question that windows are the top way that sound gets into your home. If you find that you have a home that’s simply too loud, then the first step is to install window coverings. The thicker they are, the better they’ll absorb. If you don’t want something heavy like blackout curtains on your windows all the time, then you can add sheer window coverings underneath velvet curtains. Then close the velvet curtains when you want more sound reduction.

Plants can make an effective sound barrier

If there’s one thing to understand about sound reduction, it’s that the more things you have to absorb the sound, the lower sound will be. As a result, adding landscaping outside your windows can help to reduce the sound that gets into your home. The best options are thick rows foliage like evergreens or trees. However, bushes can work as well.

Consider what your doors are made of

If you have glass doors or French doors, you probably love how much light they let in, but have you thought about how much sound they let in too? Something like a sliding barn door, which have become popular for back patio doors, are even worse because they don’t seal tightly. Choose doors bad of solid wood for the best sound absorption.

Flooring choices matter

There’s a lot to love about wooden and tile floors but they are also excellent sound transmitters. If you have hardwood on a second floor, they can also add creaky to the sounds you’re hearing throughout the home. When used in a small room, hardwood gets even louder with its stronger reflections. Carpets are great sound absorption option, but if you don’t want to redo your entire floor you can simply add some area rugs to absorb plenty of sound. At Half Price Drapes, we offer a wide range of window coverings that can help you reduce the sound that comes in your home while increasing the design and décor throughout.


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