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Spring Style Guide: Affordable Home Decor and Interior Design Trends for Spring for Your Home

Spring Style Guide: Affordable Home Decor and Interior Design Trends for Spring for Your Home

As we “spring forward” into a new season, you may be thinking about how you can update your home decor to match the latest interior design and curtain trends of 2021. After all, it’s safe to say most of us want to leave everything about 2020 — including home decor trends — in the dust. Our Spring Style Guide brings you all the latest home decor and curtain trends you need to put a spring in your step all season.

Embrace Pastels and Bright Seasonal Shades

Gentle, airy pastels, from the Pantone colors of the year (Ultimate Gray and Illuminating) to rose tones and baby blue can imbue your home with a light-hearted spirit. Consider pastel drapes to make a room seem more spacious. Likewise, bright colors also offer a cheery vibe. Consider a mix of bold and pastel pillows to add a pop of color to your sofa. Or invest in custom chair covers to match your new drapes. These affordable upgrades can give a whole new look to any room, without having to invest the time or money into fresh paint, carpeting, or other pricey home improvements.

Spring for Sustainable DIY Decor

There’s no need to stock your space with new home decor items. Instead, look around and see what you can reuse or repurpose. Toss a fresh coat of paint on an old bookcase and move it to a free-standing position to create a fabulous room divider that gives you privacy for those endless Zoom meetings. Say goodbye to the shabby chic style by repainting your whitewashed dresser to a solid neutral shade. Update the hardware to something with a muted metallic finish for a vintage look that is anything but dated. Check thrift stores or the Facebook marketplace for lamps to match in antiqued or brushed metal finishes.

Score Home Decor Finds on City Streets

If you live in a major city, you may have heard of the “stooping” trend, which can save money while keeping perfectly functional home decor items out of local landfills. Essentially, folks in cities like New York and Los Angeles find items the owners no longer want, from furniture to home decor. The Instagram account @stoopingNYC has more than 120,000 followers sharing their sidewalk finds.

Swap Heavy Drapes for Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains have been one of the hottest curtain trends for several years running. After all, what better way to allow the bright spring and summer sun into your home? Ditch the layered look you may have preferred in the winter, and position sheers over easy-to-raise roman shades in neutral tones. Sheer Curtains - Half Price Drapes

Give Rooms a Dramatic Look With Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Switching up your home decor doesn’t have to be an ordeal with today’s easy-to-use, self-adhesive wallpaper. Best of all, you can peel it off easily if you get tired of the design. That’s why it’s a great way to get creative in your space without a lot of work or a large investment. Use this trendy wallpaper in closets, on doors, across smaller areas of your wall, or even above your dining room chair rail. It’s one of the best DIY decor trends of the spring, especially if you’ve been getting tired of staring at the same old walls in your home for the past 12 months. Ready to embrace change this spring? Shop for the latest curtain trends at


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