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Summer Decor Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

sheer grey curtains behind yellow bonsai tree

Summer Decor Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Nothing says summer like a beautiful, new home decor refresh that reflects the season. From fun, bright accents to cool, refreshing neutral looks, there are many ways to add an on-trend summer touch to your home. Discover these easy summer decor trends you won’t want to miss!

Floral Prints

Floral patterns are a hot trend to incorporate into your summer design scheme. They can be subtle and understated or bold and dramatic — the choice is yours. To add this trend to your home, put up new window treatments, add accent pillows to sofas and beds, or try floral rugs to brighten up an entryway or living room.

Mixed Patterns

Another summer trend that adds a lot of visual interest is mixed patterns. While you’ll want to avoid going overboard with too many different sizes and pattern styles, you can strategically incorporate different patterns into your decor. Striped curtains and throw pillows with a chevron pattern, for example, can create a fun, relaxing vibe in a room. Pairing sheer curtains that have a small print with blackout curtains that have a bold geometric pattern is another way to use this trend for summer. The sheers will provide a light and airy look that contrasts the bold curtains when opened, and you can close the curtains as needed to keep the interior cool when summer temps reach their highest.

A Touch of Whimsy

From candy-like colors to pretty patterns that have dreamy appeal, whimsical design style is another hot trend. This is easy to incorporate with accent pieces, rugs, drapes, artwork, and more. Choose curtains that have a relaxed print, from swirling geometric patterns to art-inspired designs. From there, it’s all about adding decor items that have a fun and whimsical vibe. This is the best way to use vintage or repurposed decorations — including lamps, trays, vases, and frames — because they’ll look perfectly at home as part of this trend. Bright colors are another aspect of the whimsy trend. Use them in functional decors like tableware and towels to channel a poolside vacation feel.

Nautical Neutrals

Nautical and coastal looks are always classically appealing for summer, but you can keep them on-trend by using the season’s hottest nautical neutral colors. If a shade is muted or has neutral undertones, you can use it as a neutral in your decor and it won’t detract from the rest of your design. Use the following shades alone or pair them with stripes in your home decor to create a contemporary nautical scheme.
  • Toned-down teal
  • Tan-gold or light gold
  • Neutral pinks or blush tones
  • Pale lavender or lavender-grey
  • Smoky blues

Tons of Texture

Another recent design trend that works perfectly for summer because of its laid back feel is the addition of textures into your decor. Custom curtains that are made from textured fabrics like linen or faux linen, woven or handwoven cotton, or embroidered fabric add extra interest and appeal. You can also incorporate texture through woven cushions and throws, textured placemats or table runners, or wall hangings. Pieces that have a nautical touch, like anchors, lighthouses, rope or netting, shells, and more can add to the coastal feel.

Nude and Natural

Keep your home peaceful and soothing all summer long with the trend toward nude and natural colors. At once classic and modern, nude and natural tones are relaxed yet sophisticated. By using base decor like rugs, window treatments, table cloths, and furniture covers in these hues, you can easily dress a room up or down to your liking.
  • Caramel/honey — one of the year’s hottest trending colors, this is neutral enough for summer, but also transitions easily into fall
  • Oatmeal
  • Stone/slate grays
  • Sandy shades
  • Whitewashed wood
  • Pale wood hues
For accent pieces, consider items like woven baskets, canvas or linen fabrics, and accents crafted from stone or wood. To create more visual interest with this neutral-based summer design trend, you can always add in a few decor items in bold or bright colors to add impact.


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