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Get Your Custom Curtains Before Christmas - Order By December 9th

Have You Thought of All the Advantages Custom Window Coverings Offer?

Too many homeowners searching for the perfect window coverings dismiss custom window coverings out of hand. Whether it’s because they assume they cost too much, or they don’t think that they really need them, the reality is that at Half Price Drapes we hope every customer will at least consider them. It may be true that you have windows that are a standard size and shape but it doesn’t hurt to consider the advantages of custom window coverings first.

You can choose any curtains you want

If you choose curtains that are pre-measured, pre-cut, and pre-made, then you’re limited to the specific colors, patterns, and fabrics available in the very specific size you need. On the other hand, when you choose custom curtains you’ll have access to a virtually unlimited number of curtain styles. If you want to find something that you truly love, then custom curtains are likely the way to go.

You get a fit you won’t believe

Unless you’re an interior decorator, you’ve likely never noticed if you’ve been in a home that has window coverings that are a little too wide, too long, or too short for a room. Most homeowners can find a way to hide this, whether it’s pushing a table up to cover how they hang, or it’s hemming them themselves. However, it’s just as likely that you’ve seen curtains that were perfectly cut and created and that you’ve noticed that. Think about it: Have you ever been in someone’s home, looked at their draperies, and thought, “Those look like a million bucks?” When you see curtains that look as though they’re expensive and designer, the reality is that what’s more likely impressing you is how well they’re cut.

They’re easier to hang

Many people worry about how to hang curtains and we understand why – it can be an intimidating process. That said, one of the best ways to make the process as simple as possible is to order curtains that perfectly fit your windows. Think of it like this: Is it easier to get dressed when you have clothes that fit or when you’re trying to style clothes that are too big or two small? Custom curtains are incredible and they’re likely not out of the reach of your budget. At Half Price Drapes, we hope you’ll at least get a quote before you decide that they’re not for you.


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