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Tired of Clutter? Get Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Do you live in a home that’s cluttered to the roof and back? Do you wish your home were more streamlined and organized? One of the biggest issues with making a change in these circumstances is figuring out where to start. We’ve combined a few tips to help you make a dent and get you on your way.

Start with three boxes: Keep, donate, and trash

First, pick a single room in your home. Grab three large boxes and label them: Keep, donate, and trash. Then walk through the room and add everything in that room to one of the boxes. Yes, we do mean everything! Once you’re done, you should have plenty to both donate and plenty to throw away. If you end up with most things in your “keep” box, then go back over it again. Ask yourself which items you haven’t used, looked at, or thought about in six months. Anything that you don’t use regularly should be gotten rid of.

Focus on the things to keep

It’s common for people who’ve been living with clutter to feel stressed out at the thought of getting rid of a lot of their stuff. At Half Price Drapes, we encourage you not to focus on what you’re getting rid of, but rather on what you’re keeping. Every time you find yourself looking at something you’re getting rid of and second guessing it, just look at in your “to keep” pile and remember that you’ll enjoy the things you have if you don’t have things you don’t need cluttering up your space.

Sometimes decluttering requires new purchases

This may sound counterintuitive but the truth is that sometimes getting rid of things you don’t want requires you to buy things that you do want. For example, if you have half a dozen old panels of curtains, because you’ve never quite found what you want and you don’t know when you might need your extras, having custom made curtains from Half Price Drapes can help you get rid of those that you don’t want.

Keep new items from coming back

As much work as you do to get rid of things you don’t need, be careful that you don’t immediately start getting more things you’ll eventually have to get rid of. At Half Price Drapes, we recommend that you pick out things for your home that you’ll love and skip the things that you don’t.


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