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How to Trick the Brain into Thinking Your Home is Larger Than It Is

Many people wish they had more room in their homes. In a perfect world, they’d all be able to move to a larger place, but if they can’t do that, then Half Price Drapes has some suggestions on how to trick the brain into thinking your home is larger than it is.

Mirrors can have a huge impact

Wall-to-wall mirrors is one of the most obvious solutions to the issue of not enough space but it shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s obvious. You may add mirrors to highlight architectural elements, like adding them within a door, to give the illusion of an outdoor area as well.

Cover your walls

When a room is small, what you’re really trying to do is distract the eye from noticing how small it is. One way to do that is to add wall coverings that include patterns or designs that cover up the fact that there is little space. A textured wallpaper also adds another level of interest. If you don’t want to completely redo your walls, consider just adding a coat of high-gloss paint to create a beautiful – and distracting shimmer.

Let your window coverings do the job for you

Of course, one of the most effective options is to choose window treatments that look incredible. Try layering different draperies, such as dramatic velvet curtains over beautiful, dainty sheer curtains. These types of window coverings can also help cover up a window that’s too close to your home, a bad view, or other issues outside.

Draw the eyes downward

Consider ways you can draw the eye down to the floor. If you have an incredible floor, your guests are likely to notice it first and foremost – not the fact that you don’t have a ton of space. Choose flooring that has a unique design, a fun texture, or any other special feature that will help it stand out.

Draw the eyes upward

Finally, try the opposite: Draw the eyes up to the ceiling. You can do this by painting the ceiling a color no one will expect, or by adding a unique focal point like a beautiful chandelier. Anything you can do to draw attention upwards will help your home feel larger. These are just a few ideas but Half Price Drapes has a host of home decorating advice. Visit our site to see some of our incredible curtains and the many accessories we offer.


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