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Wallet-Friendly Decorating Tips for College Students

College students generally don’t have a lot of extra cash but they do want to enjoy their homes while they’re in school. What gives? The good news is that there is a way to accomplish a whole lot on a relatively small budget – and Half Price Drapes is here to share some tips.

Unique lighting can go a long way

One of the best tips to help you save money decorating your college apartment is to make sure that everything you have serves dual purposes. For example, you need lighting but you also want items that will showcase your personality. You can do both! Go to a thrift store to choose funky lighting options, or buy an affordable contemporary lamp at a big box store.

Plants add a lovely addition to any room

There may be nothing that makes an apartment feel more like a home than plants. They’re green, they literally bring life to a place, and they’re conversation pieces. There are millions of options to choose from. Most college students will likely want to focus on plants that don’t need a ton of care and if your apartment doesn’t get great light, make sure to choose plants that don’t need a lot of sunshine.

Keep your windows covered

Most apartments come with blinds or other cheap window coverings. College students often don’t even consider replacing them. After all, if the windows are already covered, why invest in different options? The truth is that replacing your curtains can make an incredible impact immediately. It’s a great way to set a color scheme, blackout draperies can help you sleep late without being bothered by the sun, and the right curtains can add texture and interest to a room.

Get some temporary wall decals or wallpaper

Most apartments won’t let you make major changes, like painting the walls, but you likely can add removable wall decals and wallpaper. You can choose from modern options that add some art to the room, or vintage options that make your home look like a Victorian parlor. At Half Price Drapes, we believe that everyone deserves to have curtains that make them feel happy and that show off their unique personality – even college students with limited budgets! That’s why we offer budget-friendly options and huge savings compared to other online curtain retailers. You’ll find the variety you need to decorate in your own unique way.


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