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What Window Treatment Is Right For You?

what window treatment is right for you

So, you’ve decided that you want to upgrade your windows and purchase new window treatments. However, you are somewhat confused as to where to start. There are a number of options in styles and materials from which to choose. We’ll help you understand the different types, from drapes or sheers to shades and blinds. Then how to select the best fabrics and colors for your window coverings.

Window treatments are first and foremost the best way to control the light, privacy, and temperature in each room of your home. In addition, window coverings play a major factor in establishing the design, style, and ambiance that you wish to convey. You can go from the classic look of pleated drapes to modern blinds and shades to give your room a contemporary feel. Long drapes of heavy velvet in your living room or dining room will provide a formal feel while light-colored sheers will give your room a more light and casual feel.

We recommend that you begin by considering the primary function that you will want from window treatments on a window-by-window basis. The main factors are light, privacy, and temperature control. Heavy blackout curtains or velvet drapery will provide maximum light control, privacy, and insulation from heat or cold. If you are just wanting a bit of privacy and light control then you should consider lighter linens, sheers, or some casual cotton curtains.

Keep in mind that combining various options can be a great way to meet your practical needs while adding style flourishes. Window shades that are matched up with drapes will block all angles of the windows to provide maximum nighttime privacy. Adding a valance over your drapery will add dimension, texture, and style. Sheers will allow in plenty of light and making them a good option for family rooms, dining rooms, and patios. Roman shades are a classic staple and will bring a soft, modern polish to any room.

The curtain length and placement of the curtain rods can make a major difference. Having too-short curtains will make the room feel stubby and awkward. This is a problem with many off-the-shelf options that have not been well thought out. Depending on your individual tastes it is much better to go with just a slight “float” of less than an inch above the floor or sill to a “kiss” that barely touches the floor. For those who are working with high-quality linen or velvet fabrics, you may even go with the “puddle” to highlight the gorgeous texture of your drapery.

Last but not least is your color choice. While soft palettes and nature-inspired colors are very popular right now, feel free to let your own, individual style be your guide. You can go from solids in creme or white all the way to dark-colored and dramatic velvets or blackouts. In addition, many people choose lively prints to add character to their rooms. Whatever your choice, always take into consideration the room’s color scheme and design as a whole. Everything needs to work together.

Consider ordering some free fabric swatches first to observe how the colors and fabrics work for your window coverings. Some thought and planning will pay off with window treatments that both enhance the design of your home and deliver the functionality your desire. Your investment will provide years of enjoyment, pleasure, and even energy savings.


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