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Winter Wonderland: A Guide to Winter Curtains and Decor

A Guide to Winter Curtains and Decor

Choosing the right curtains and decor can make your home feel like a beautiful winter wonderland. Whether you’re looking for practical ways to keep your home cozy and stylish or are looking for great ways to dress it up for the holiday, this guide to winter drapes and decor will help you create the dream look you want this season.

Blackout Curtains Make Beautiful (and Practical) Accents

One of the first things that come to mind when the temperatures begin to dip for many Americans is the potential expense of heating costs during the winter months. Along with making sure your home is properly insulated and getting a tune-up on your heating system, another aspect that will help is buying blackout curtains because they have an insulated lining. These help keep more heat inside the home and look beautiful while doing it. You can choose from stylish materials like linen, faux linen, and denim in prints or solid colors. These will also keep rooms quiet, making them a cozy, relaxing haven during the winter months.

Winter Curtain and Decor Color Choices

Maybe your summer curtains are light, bright, or airy and work well when it’s hot outside. For winter, you can get a new look that speaks to the season by changing up the color and style of your winter decor. When it comes to curtains, you may want to choose heavier fabrics such as velvet, silk, or faux silk, as well as changing up the color. Traditional decor colors include deep neutral colors, rich jewel tones, and darker colors such as navy. These can add elegance and winter appeal, but remember to choose colors that work with your specific sense of style, too. If a lighter color or print is more appealing to you and works with existing pieces of decor or furniture in your home, you can choose that for the season, too. Blackout curtains come in all shades and patterns, so you’re not limited if a blackout style is your preference. Consider choosing decor colors that will do double duty for winter as well as the holidays, such as golds, deep greens, and sophisticated reds. Light colors, such as bright whites and light neutrals, can also have a pretty wintery feel. Metallic accents, like gold or silver, are also perfect for the winter season.

Winter Decor and Accent Options

Along with changing your curtains, many items create a stylish look with little effort and are worth investing in for winter. These include cushion covers, dining chair covers, decorative tablecloths or table runners, and rugs and doormats. Other pieces that will accent your decor include vases, wall art, and throws with winter themes. Get creative and make decorative pieces do double duty — winter-themed trays, baskets, and bins can help ward off clutter while adding a dash of style. If you prefer to stay away from clear winter themes, small details like choosing baskets made from heavier materials or that have soft linings will bring the winter feel without being conspicuous. Texture can play a big role in creating a festive, pretty winter look, so look for ways to incorporate cozy, warm textures. Or, play up the cooler aspect of the season and go with pieces that mimic the ice and snow — think crystal and glass accents and anything with a hint of sparkle.

Consider Choosing a Winter Decor Theme

While you can incorporate numerous looks and colors into your holiday or winter decorating scheme, some people prefer to choose a theme to incorporate a more cohesive feel throughout the home. This can be as simple as choosing to utilize a certain color throughout the different levels of decor or have a dedicated aspect. Some ideas for themes include:
  • Winter wonderland.Whimsical white brights and blues with reflective, shimmery decor.
  • Winter woods.Incorporate country or rustic pieces and natural-looking colors.
  • Winter elegance.Look for accents that have an upscale feel and curtains done in luxe fabrics.
  • Subtle holiday.Play up the holidays with lots of reds, greens, and golds in different shades.
  • Creative and cozy.Use a mix of decor items, bright colors, and lots of soft textures in winter decor.
  • Winter romance.Use soft pastel shades, decor with curving or flowing lines, and incorporate lots of winter candles into the decor.
  • Cool and contemporary.If you like a more streamlined, modern look, decorate in blacks and whites for the winter months and use contemporary decor and drapes with geometric designs.

Make Your Home Merry and Bright

No matter what color, decor style, or theme you choose to use in your winter decorating, there’s no denying that changing up key pieces and adding some new accents can affect the look and feel of your home. Have fun incorporating winter pieces and different curtain colors to make your home merry and bright all season long.


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