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Is It Worth it to Lose Your Apartment Deposit? Decorating Options to Consider

Moving into a new apartment is a lot of fun, but often times the fun can be dampened when you learn that there are some upgrades you’re not allowed to make. For example, mounting a TV may require screwing into your walls, or getting the color you want in the kitchen may require you to paint. The reality is that though most of the time you’ll see people say they can’t do these things, the reality is that you can – but you must be willing to pay the consequences.

The consequences could be thousands of dollars

It’s possible that you could lose your entire deposit if a room needs to be repainted or if you do significant damage to walls while upgrading. For those who’ve only pad a few hundred dollars for their deposit, then they may not care. Those who’ve paid a deposit equal to three-months’ rent are going to be in a different position.

Consider how long you’ll be in the apartment

If you’re only planning to live in the apartment for a year or two then it’s likely a no-brainer – keep that deposit! On the other hand, if you’re there for the long haul and play to live there for five years or more, then it may be well worth it to turn your home into one you’re proud of and happy to live in.

Wondering what you can and can’t do? Read your lease

If you’re not sure what the limits are for your apartment, get a copy of your lease and read it. And then read it again. Even that may not be as simple as it seems. For example, you’ll find most leases have limits like no hanging pictures with nails. That said, most people are going to use nails and most landlords aren’t going to withhold a deposit as a result.

Find other ways to upgrade your apartment

If you really want to make your apartment your own, find other ways to do so. For example, check out some unique patterned silk curtains that can showcase your personality, or invest in large pieces of art that cover your walls. You can also grab some new couch cushions or other accessories that will help transform the space and make it your own without risking your deposit. Half Price Drapes offers a number of options to help you do just that.


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