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4 Curtain Tricks That Can Change the Way You Shop

Curtains are such a versatile part of any décor and they can truly do whatever a homeowner wants them to. At Half Price Drapes, we’re always interested to see the ways our customers make the most of their high-quality, affordable draperies. Here are four curtain tricks that we hope will inspire you to make the most of your curtains.

1. Use curtains to make your windows look taller

Are you struggling with the reality of short windows that just don’t look great in your home? Instead of mounting your curtain rod the typical four inches above your windows, mount it eight inches above the window. Then let your curtains fall all the way from the rod to at least the floor – though feel free to let them pool dramatically on the ground too.

2. Use curtains to make your windows look wider

If you’re dealing with windows that are rather narrow, then mount your curtain rod five inches to either side of your window molding. Use a curtain rod that can span the entire distance. Then consider that new measurement as the width of your window. Get two curtain panels, each one as wide as your new measurement number. When you have these curtains open, slide your curtains along your rail until they just cover the window molding. You’ll only be showing glass and will trick the eye into thinking that the windows are much wider than what’s really there.

3. Make an overpowering window more inviting

The above tips are great for people who have smaller windows than they’d like, but what about people who have huge expanses of glass that overwhelm a room? For example, a huge sliding glass door or a bay window? In this case, we recommend mounting a single curtain rod along the top of the wide window and then hanging curtain panels along it to break up the uninterrupted window. You can order custom curtains if you need options that are wider than usual.

4. Hide a view you’d rather not see

What about views that you just wish you didn’t have to look at? Start by mounting a sheer panel within your window casement, close to the glass of the window. Use a single panel to prevent guests at your home from part them, and then measure your windows and multiple it by 1.5. Then buy a curtain that’s as wide as that new number. Your sheer panel will stay in place but the curtain on top can be opened and closed to control how much light gets into your home.


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