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5 Home Staging Tips to Spruce up Your Space for a Quick Sale

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Staging can make a difference between a fast sale — and earning top dollar — or sitting with your house on the market for months. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 21% of sellers’ agents believe staging a home increases its value between 6% and 10%. And 39% say it can reduce your home’s time on the market. When it comes to staging, not all areas of your home carry equal weight. Focus on the front entrance and front lawn, living room, master bedroom, and kitchen to create the most appeal.

Welcome Guests With Curb Appeal

As your prospective buyers and real estate agents pull up to your home, they’ll notice your front yard and entryway first. They say a home that looks great from the outside has “curb appeal.” To create curb appeal affordably, make sure to mow and water your lawn to keep it at its greenest. Prune bushes and trees and plant seasonal flowers for a pop of color. Make sure your front steps are clean with a new doormat. Potted plants or small trees can accent your entry if there’s room. Remember, people can see your shades and curtains from the outside of your home as well as inside. New blinds or drapes look neat and clean, giving your home the vibe that the owners have taken care of it.

Stage Your Living Room

Spacious rooms help homes sell faster. If possible, leave just the basic furniture like a couch and a few occasional chairs to make the room seem bigger. Remove family photos and replace with art that matches your décor. The goal is to encourage potential buyers to envision their own family in the space. If possible, paint the walls in a neutral color that will match your furniture. You don’t have to rely on “landlord beige.” In fact, shades of grayish-white, light grays, blues, and light greens have been noted as top paint colors for staging a home. Consider new custom shades or drapes as an investment in your home that your buyers will appreciate. Choose colors that complement the walls, floors, and furniture upholstery for a cohesive look. Placing sheer drapes over light-blocking shades offers flexibility to let in lots of natural light when you’re showing the home while offering the privacy you want in the evening.

Stage Your Kitchen

Family life tends to happen in the kitchen, where people gather for snacks, meals, and entertaining. Staging your kitchen doesn’t have to mean replacing all your appliances with newer models or redecorating the room. Instead, clear kitchen counters to create a spacious environment. Consider adding a plant or fruit bowl centerpiece to your kitchen table. Replace accent items like kitchen rugs, dishtowels, and potholders with new items featuring matching designs. Wipe down surfaces — including kitchen cabinets — frequently — to keep the room sparkling clean. Finally, replace old kitchen curtains with custom blinds and a fashionable valance to make your kitchen feel homey and comfortable.

Stage Your Master Bedroom for a Cohesive Look

Even if other bedrooms, home offices, or the laundry room fall by the wayside when staging your home, you want to focus on the master bedroom. As with other rooms, remove trinkets and personal photos. If the walls could use a fresh coat of paint, choose a neutral gray or green shade. Most importantly, update the bedspread or comforter and drapes or curtains to complement each other. As with other rooms, you want to choose drapes that let in natural light during the day but can be closed at night for privacy. Consider curtains with sheers below, or roman shades and drapes, depending on the style of the room. If you have a patterned bedspread, choose solid drapes. If you have a solid bedspread, choose a fashionable pattern for your window coverings. Mixing patterns might be a “yes” to some interior designers, but it may turn off buyers with a more traditional style.

Spruce up the Rest of the House

You don’t have to focus a lot of attention on other areas of the home. Make sure pathways are clear to walk, and that walls, floors, and windows are clean. New curtains, drapes, or shades in children’s and guest bedrooms can give a space a new look without spending a bundle. Again, choose materials that will let in natural light while showcasing a neutral style. Staging your home doesn’t have to be expensive — and you may not even need the help of an expert if you follow these simple steps. You can trust to provide the custom window treatments you need to give your house a fresh look.


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