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Opening Up & Brightening Your Kitchen Space Through Décor

grey valances over kitchen windows Create an inviting space in your kitchen with valances and decor. It doesn’t matter whether your decorating style is vintage, contemporary, eclectic or rustic; you can improve the look and make your kitchen feel refreshed with new decor or custom valances.

Go With Light and Airy Colors

Go with light, airy colors to make your kitchen feel larger. White, cream, beige, pale grey, light blues, pastel patterns, and lemon yellow kitchen valances can instantly bring a fresh feel. Light mauve, rose, or pale pink valances look beautiful with traditional, country, and mixed decor styles. Tablecloths, placemats, and chair covers in these colors will also have the same effect.

Choose Sheer Valances

If you don’t need a lot of privacy in your kitchen, opting for sheer draperies can immediately increase the amount of light in the room, while the lighter fabric also makes the room appear larger. If you need more coverage depending on light levels and privacy, go with a layered look, incorporating sheer panels underneath another valance type, or utilizing blinds or roller shades under the sheer valance.

Complement Your BackSplash With Patterns

Consider complementing your black splash by choosing a color or colors in it and using them to influence your valance choice. This works especially well if you have a simple or solid color backsplash. If you have a plain white backsplash, for example, a crisp black and white check or plaid or a cheerful nautical stripe add class and brighten up the area. Floral patterns can also create an inviting look. Use patterns in table runners or decorative tablecloths for more visual interest.

Be Vibrant

Vibrant colors really help brighten up a kitchen, especially if it has a neutral or monochrome feel. Think vivid greens, bold blues, teals, bright oranges, luscious lavender and purple colors, and buttery yellow valances. If your kitchen features wood, consider valance colors with warmer undertones to make it feel brighter, such as warm reds, rich oranges, or golden yellow shades. Use vibrant artwork on the walls and in accents like flower vases or fruit bowls to heighten the effect.

Don’t Rule Out Dark Colors

While you might want to stay away from darker colors if you’re trying to make your kitchen look more open, don’t necessarily rule them out. In some cases, these can work well by breaking up the room and making the area itself seem larger in comparison to the dark accent. This is especially true for a kitchen with white or light colored walls. Dark colors also create a wonderful and appealing contrast when mixed and matched. Pair a light colored tablecloth with deep colored cloth napkins, or light placemats and accents like candles and flower arrangements with a richly colored tablecloth to add interest and bring out brightness.

Luxe Metallics

While metallic valances won’t work in every kitchen decor style, they can work well in eclectic, formal, and even some contemporary styles. Valances with a metallic sheen or gold or silver accents help reflect light to open up the room. Keep it balanced by including a few decor items in the same metal family, such as candle holders, frames, or other accents.

Subtle and Strategic

Yet another way to create an illusion of a larger space in your kitchen it to use valances that are the same or a similar shade to your walls. This functions to make the overall look of the space appear bigger, and looks elegant as well.

Clean Lines and Minimal Hardware

Using thin curtain rods and a minimal hardware style, along with a simple, streamlined valance, is another trick for creating the illusion of a lighter, brighter kitchen. The simplicity of the look makes the room appear more seamless and visually expansive. You can further continue this effect by choosing dining chair covers with clean lines, and tablecloths with simple designs or subtle patterns.

Coordinate and Brighten With the Right Accent Pieces

Invest in valances, dining chair covers, and decorative tablecloths that work with your overall decorating style. Look for patterns and colors that complement, contrast, or coordinate with your paint color, cabinets, and existing decor for a look that’s bright, fresh, beautiful.


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