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Style Guide: Set the Stage with the Right Spring Curtains

Winter’s only halfway over but if you’ve been cooped up inside most of the season, not to mention through summer and fall, you could be ready to create a more cheerful environment inside your home. What are some of the hottest home décor and curtain trends we can look forward to this spring?

Neutral, Earthy Shades

As people took to hiking in the great outdoors, bicycling, and other outdoor sports in 2020, spring 2021 means getting back to nature in our homes. Neutral, earth tones like sage green, beige, muted yellow, and light, dusty rose tones can dress up your windows while putting the spotlight on other home décor elements, from designer pillows to modern art.

Modern Elements Help Us Embrace the Future

2021 is a year of looking ahead toward better things – and that includes our home décor choices. Solid colored curtains in muted or pastel shades add a modern air to your home. But floral and leaf patterns have also made a comeback in curtain trends this year, such as many of the patterns featured in our modern, minimalistic, Loft Collection. It’s all part of embracing natural elements in the home in 2021. Accent your curtains with DIY décor ideas inspired by nature, including rustic wood centerpieces and fresh flowers to celebrate spring.

Linen Curtains Add Elegance to Any Home

Linen never really goes out of style, but it is more fashionable than ever in 2021 home décor trends. A stylish, lightweight, and breezy fabric, linen is all-natural and more eco-friendly than many other home décor choices. In 2021, more people are trying to “go green,” not just in their home’s color palette, but in an environmentally friendly way. You might not have known that linen is made from the fibers of a flax plant, which grows quickly in nearly every region of the planet. Linen also lasts a long time, so your curtains can stay out of the landfill longer. Linen curtains drape beautifully and are easy to care for. They get softer and even more beautiful with each washing. Again, choose monochrome curtains in neutral shades and let your curtains stylishly accent the rest of your décor.

Curtain Sheers: Simple and Stylish

We talked about how hot sheers are for any room of your home in our Curtain Sheers Style Guide. But it gets even better. The 2021 trend is sheer and simple, including those earthy neutral tones we mentioned above. Choose sheers alone for spring, when the weather is warm enough that you don’t need thermal curtains to block out the wind and the days are just starting to get longer, giving you more sunlight to enjoy.

Layering Adds Flexibility and Visual Interest

Of course, you can still layer sheers over or under thicker curtains, even blackout styles. That DIY décor trend isn’t going away any time soon. Layering adds visual interest and practicality that many people love. You can let the light shine in without looking at bare windows or you can darken a room for bedtime or family movie night. If you’re looking to update your space for spring, you can do it quickly and easily by swapping out your winter curtains for one of the styles listed above. Check out some of our newest arrivals at


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