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Style Guide: Home Décor Tips for Valentine's Day at Home

Are you the type of person who likes to update your home décor for each holiday? Do you love seasonal DIY décor? Follow these tips to make your Valentine’s Day at home fun, festive, and romantic.

Switch Up Upholstery and Tablecloths for Seasonal Colors

It’s time to pull out some of the red chair covers you used during the holiday season, as they can serve double duty for your Valentine’s Day décor. Consider a solid red, white, or lace tablecloth, or a custom pattern with solid placemats to complete the look.

Add Throw Pillows to Your Living Room

What could be comfier than snuggling up to watch Netflix or sitting in front of a roaring fire than tons of soft throw pillows? Cushion covers in soft shades of peach and pink, along with bold red, can give your living room or family room a Valentine’s Day vibe.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Bedding

Even if you recently invested in a toasty warm comforter for winter, you can switch up the look with a bold and beautiful duvet cover set. Half Price Drapes offers more than just window coverings. Our extensive collection of home décor includes reversible duvet covers with fun, eclectic patterns with a bright solid hue on the reverse side. Best of all, with our affordable prices, you can switch them out seasonally to achieve the look you want any time of year.

Set a Mood with Candles

In the bedroom, living room, dining room, and even the bathroom, candles can set the stage for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening. Candle scents designed to put folks in the mood for romance include cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, black licorice, and jasmine. You can even fill a shallow bowl with water and place tealights inside to create a floating candle display perfect as a centerpiece for your coffee table or dining room table.

Create a Unique Look with DIY Décor

Make your Valentine’s Day home décor even more fun with some DIY décor elements. It’s easy to create a sustainable heart-shaped wreath from old shirts or pillowcases. First, cut the fabric into strands. Purchase a heart-shaped foam wreath. Wrap each piece of fabric around the wreath and tie it into a knot to create an eye-catching – and eco-friendly – display. Create heart-shaped windchimes to fill the room with delicate tones on Valentine’s Day night. Simply bend crafting wire into a heart shape of about eight to 12 inches. Wrap with red or pink twine. Choose three sizes of metal heart-shaped cookie cutters; you’ll need three of each size. Then, cut three equal lengths of twine. Thread one cookie cutter of each size through the twine. Wrap the twine lengths around the wire heart you created, and tie them in a triangle at the top, a few inches above the heart. Leave room above the knot so you can hang your wind-chime. Finally, choose an anchor to weigh down the bottom of the wind chime. This can be a clay ornament, a picture frame with a photo of you and your love, or anything heavy and decorative. Tie the three strands of twine at the bottom, and then attach the weight. Looking for something fun and … flighty … for your Valentine’s Day celebration at home? Give your home décor a lift by filling a few dozen white latex balloons with helium. You can blow them up with air if you prefer to scatter them across the floor rather than decorate the ceiling. Then decorate each balloon with fun and flirty stickers shaped like lips!

Room Darkening Drapes Set the Tone for Movie Night … And the Rest of the Evening

Is your family room ready for a facelift just in time for Valentine’s Day? New drapes in room darkening materials can set the stage for a super-romantic movie night. Best of all, our collection of black-out curtains are also eco-friendly, working to keep cool air and drafts out to keep you warmer while lowering your energy bills in the winter.

Layer Drapes with Sheers for a Soft, Romantic Look

Bold drapes in bright colors are perfect for movie night, but you can also soften the look for daytime by layering dark, solid curtains over lacy sheers. Or layer the sheers over your black-out curtains. The possibilities are endless. Layered looks are one of the season’s hottest curtain trends, so why not give it a try in your home this Valentine’s Day? Shop our entire selection of curtains to complete the look in your bedroom, living room, dining room, or any area of your home this Valentine’s Day.


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