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Thermal Curtain Style Guide: Keep Out the Cold with the Right Curtains and Drapes

Are you revamping your home décor for the colder weather? Have you thought about the benefits of insulated curtains and drapes?
Blackout drapes of any design are great to keep thermal energy in or block it from overheating your house.
One of the fastest-growing curtain trends, insulated curtains and drapes can:
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Offer a more sustainable way to stay warm
  • Assist with natural daylight harvesting to reduce electric use

The Benefits of Blackout and Thermal Curtains

Because of the proprietary backing material and the curtain’s unique weave, many blackout and room darkening curtains also have insulating properties. They fully block outside light, lending to:
  • a more peaceful night’s sleep
  • a better viewing experience to watch your favorite movies in your living room or media room
  • better temperature control in the room
Their ability to block out the sun’s light and heat means you can have better temperature control in your home, whether you’re trying to keep the room cool in the summer, or warm in the winter.

Take Advantage of Daylight Harvesting with Room Darkening Thermal Drapes

Daylight harvesting is another way to describe using the sun’s natural light and heat to reduce overall energy use in your home. Lower electric bills and a more sustainable lifestyle? Yes, please. During the winter, you’ll want to keep the shades open during the warmest part of the day, allowing the mid-day sun to illuminate the room and raise the room’s temperature. As the sun goes down, close the curtains. The thermal insulating properties help keep the warmth you’ve collected inside the room, while simultaneously keeping the cold air and wind out. Styles that feature grommet hooks, like these Nouveau Rust Grommet Blackout Room Darkening curtains, make it easy to slide the drapes opened and closed as needed.

Compensate for Older Window Designs

Ideally, windows in your home use double-paned, Low-E glass, with well-insulated wood or vinyl frames for the greatest energy efficiency. But in older homes, that may not always be the case. One budget-friendly way to improve the energy efficiency in your home is by using thermal curtains and drapes. These curtains help block out the wind that may come in through single-paned or poorly insulated windows, and they also block the cold air. As an added benefit, they help keep warm air from your heating system or fireplace inside to keep you cozy. If you have less-than-ideal insulation around your windows or older windows with less insulating properties than today’s energy-efficient styles, thermal curtains can help. Unlike using home insulation kits purchased at home improvement stores or bubble wrap over windows, thermal curtains offer a fashion-forward way to make your home warm and cozy this winter.

Thermal Curtain Style Guide

Blackout curtains today come in styles indistinguishable from other curtains. Thermal curtains do not have to be dark or heavy. Linen curtains come in a wide range of colors and styles to match your fall and winter décor. You can also get thermal curtains to match any size window for any room of your home.

DIY Décor Tips for Winter

Whether you’re getting ready to host relatives you haven’t seen all year or just want to create a cozy space to celebrate the holidays with immediate family, it’s a great time to revamp your home décor with these DIY décor tips. Consider choosing thermal drapes in some of the season’s hottest colors. Designers are favoring bold, earthy tones this fall and winter, including the Pantone colors:
  • Ultramarine Green
  • Amberglow (a bright orange that is almost, but not quite, tangerine)
  • Classic Blue
If you prefer lighter colors to make a small room seem larger, consider:
  • Sandstone
  • Peach Nougat
  • Rose Tan
You can also liven up a room with Green Sheen. These bright colors help make a room feel warm and vibrant, even in the dead of winter. Once you’ve chosen the perfect curtains for the season, coordinate table centerpieces, wall hangings, and area rugs to match. Opt for DIY décor for an affordable option you can change out each season.


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