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DIY Décor and More: How to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

As we reach the last days of 2020, many families will be spending Christmas at home this year instead of traveling. It’s the perfect opportunity to update your home décor to create a cozy Winter Wonderland, show off your Christmas lights and DIY décor, and take advantage of the latest curtain trends we’ll start to see in 2021. Here are a few ways to prepare your home for Christmas. Make sure to check out our style guide for holiday home décor for even more ideas.

Move Furniture for Better Flow Through Your Space

Whether the holiday means guests in your home or just immediate family, it probably also means adding more stuff to your space—including gifts, a Christmas tree, and DIY décor. Move furniture to create open spaces. You might consider stowing pieces you don’t use all the time, like occasional chairs or freestanding shelving units and cabinets used for storage. You may even decide you can live without these elements in your home and donate them after the holidays.

Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

With some of the furniture out of the room, take the opportunity to clean in corners, around radiators and molding, and dust in all those areas you may normally miss. Give rugs or floors a good steam cleaning, too.

Add Chair Covers to Create a Fresh Holiday Vibe

Add seasonal chair covers as an affordable way to give your dining room, living room, or family room that Christmas ambiance.

Tie the Holiday Look Together with Throw Pillows

Did you know that Half Price Drapes can also create custom cushion covers to match your curtains or chair covers? These 100% cotton twill pillow covers offer an easy and affordable way to infuse the holiday spirit in your home while matching different elements of your home décor.

Consider Room Dividers for Work-at-Home Privacy

Christmas means having the kids home for the holidays. Will they go back after the break? Time will tell. Even as you strive for an open floor plan, consider adding room dividers such as two-sided bookshelves or curtains to give family members space and privacy. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, you’ll need a place to escape to work while the kids are home.

Add DIY Décor to Make the Season Bright

Swapping out your home décor to get in the Christmas spirit doesn’t have to cost a lot if you rely on DIY décor. Fill mason jars with Christmas lights and decorate with red and green ribbon. Check bargain bins at Target or browse the dollar store for affordable wood sleighs, wreaths, and signs that you can add silk flowers to create a personalized centerpiece or wall hanging. Fill a wicker basket with Christmas ornaments and greenery for an easy display.

Switch Out Curtains to Show Off Your Christmas Tree

Of course, your Christmas tree becomes the centerpiece of your holiday home. Place at least one tree near the window to let passersby experience the bright lights and Christmas spirit. Consider opening your drapes and adding lightweight curtain sheers to show off the beauty of your Christmas tree. Sheers are one of the season’s hottest curtain trends. While you’re at it, red or green curtains in nearly any fabric will tie in with your holiday home décor. You can even alternate the colors or layer fabrics for a fun look, another one of the curtain trends that’s sure to remain on-point in 2021. Shop our full line of curtains, chair and pillow covers, and accessories to get your home décor ready for Christmas.


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