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Top 15 Ways to Refresh Your Decor When You’re Stuck at Home

Top 15 Ways to Refresh Your Decor When You’re Stuck at Home

Home can be your haven, but it needs refreshing from time to time to make it feel welcoming. When you can’t get out, make your home the perfect place for rest, work, and relaxation to reduce stress. These 15 tips can help you get started making your home the beautiful, cozy space you need.

1. Add Inviting Cushions

You can instantly add an element of warmth and coziness to a room by adding different types of throw cushions and pillows. Depending on the type of room, you may want anything from big, bright cushions for a playful feel to smaller, more delicate throw pillows for a sophisticated style. Using new cushion covers over existing cushions is an easy and inexpensive way to update.

2. Create Restful and Relaxing Spaces With Blackout Curtains

When you’re stuck at home because of illness or an emergency, having rooms that have a restful, relaxing feel is vital. Upgrade bedrooms and guestrooms with stylish blackout curtains that not only give the room added style appeal but also make it easier to rest and relax by blocking out light. An added bonus is that blackout curtains are energy efficient as well, saving you money.

3. Dress up That Dining Room Table

Casual eating can become the norm when you’re stuck at home, bring everyone back to the table by making some quick decor changes. Choose a bright table runner, fun seasonal placemats, new chair cushions, or even a DIY centerpiece to make the dining room table feel more alive and welcoming. (If you have kids, this will likely help cut down on crumbs throughout the house, too!)

4. Create Your Own Wall Art

Whether you live alone and are looking for something to do, or are looking for a project to keep the kids entertained, you may want to consider refreshing your home with some fun wall art. Look in your craft cupboards and try different mediums — anything from watercolors to 3D art goes. Remove some old pictures from their frames, pull out those Command hooks, and hang some brand-new DIY wall art.

5. Spruce up Bedrooms With New Sheets

In times of stress or crisis, it can be hard for anyone to sleep. New bedsheets can help improve your sleep by adding that restful, refreshing touch. Look for comfortable, quality fabrics for your bedding, such as cotton, that are soft and soothing.

6. Get Help From Those Holiday Decorations

Looking for a touch of sparkle or brightness? Turn to those holiday decorations in storage and get creative. Pull out the Christmas tree mini-lights to decorate an impromptu stage for a family book reading night, or use the summer pool party decorations to have a beach-themed picnic dinner.

Beach Living Room Decor

7. Deep Clean and Rearrange Furniture

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, it’s the perfect time to tackle those spring cleaning chores. Complete tasks like cleaning carpets, wiping down baseboards, and dusting ceiling fans to make it feel fresh and inviting. When you’re done, create a new furniture arrangement in the room that makes it feel as open, spacious, and inviting as possible.

8. Get Help From Mother Nature

If you’re looking to make some small DIY touches around the house, get help from the great outdoors. Gather some unique stones to make a small arrangement around your favorite candles, or make a centerpiece out of driftwood. Wildflowers in a mason jar create a cute, rustic centerpiece or entryway home decor.

9. Brighten up Rooms With Seasonal Curtain Colors

Nothing refreshes a room like the look of new curtains. Take some time to decide what seasonal shades will give each room in the house a boost and add them to your home decor. You can even turn to custom curtains to get just the right color and style. You can store and switch out existing curtains each season for a new look.

10. Create Neater Closets

If your closets aren’t picture-perfect, you can use curtains creatively to create a neater, softer look. If a bedroom closet is open to the room without a door, place curtains in a complementary shade to your bedding in front of it in order to close it off as needed. You can also use lightweight curtains on tension rods to create dividers or close off areas in your closet housing seasonal items.

11. Refresh With Rugs

Whether it’s in the entryway, mudroom or main living space like a living room or playroom, new rugs can also have a big impact on the space. Look for seasonal colors and easy-care materials to stress-free spaces that will look and feel great.

12. Update With Resort-Inspired Accents

When you’re stuck at home, why not make it feel like a favorite resort? Take cues from resort-worthy airy curtain patterns, cool cushions, and small decor accents to add a resort-like feel to any living space.

13. Get Back to Basics With Your Decor

While it’s always fun to add new decor to your home, maybe being home has you noticing the multiple pieces you’ve picked up. Extra time home is the perfect excuse to evaluate and streamline your decor choices. Get back to basics by showcasing your favorite decor pieces, or discovering which items have seen better days and could be replaced.

14. Add Light to Open up Rooms

Keep it from feeling dark in any room by finding ways to increase natural light. Move furniture away from windows and consider sheers or lightweight, airy curtains that bring in more light. Use mirrors to reflect light, too. If there’s still not enough natural light, consider adding additional light sources like unique floor or table lamps to up the light level.

britght living room with green curtains

15. Try Nature-Inspired Decor

Keep your home feeling fresh by bringing the outdoors in. Use themes and accents inspired by nature to influence your decorations and keep your home feeling bright and breezy. Try curtains in nature-inspired prints, like florals or leaves. Use colors found in the great outdoors — anything from sandy neutrals to brilliant blues and sunny yellows will add interest and brightness to a room.

Keep Your Home Fresh and Beautiful No Matter What

Your home can give a sense of stability, safety, and reassurance no matter what is happening in the world. You can use simple updates and some creativity to keep it fresh and beautiful for a relaxing haven.


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